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Copper Nanowires
Copper Nanowires

A Detailed Look Into Copper Nanowires: Present And Future!

Copper Nanowires

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Nanotechnology has changed the way we see our future. It has changed the view of science and technology and is taking the world by a gale storm. This technology is very beneficial for the all the economies and is in demand for its various reasons. It is truly considered a marvel in the materialistic science. This has proven to be a major boon for the developing countries and therefore it is becoming a major technological boost.

This technological boost has proved to be essential and significant for various sciences like environmental sciences, medical sciences, electrical sciences etc. and the list of sciences is long and is tiring to read. Due to its major applicability among its various other fields, this technology is truly a miraculous thing and the theory of nanotechnology is proving to be a great technological theory that is now being widely and popularly used all around the world.

Special uses and applications of copper nanowires

Making the best transparent electrodes, these copper nanowires are a very cost effective method for wrapping of reduced graphene oxide way around the surface of transparent and conducting copper nanowires. These transparent electrodes are essential and a necessity for optoelectronic based devices, such as touch panels or electro chromic windows etc. Other materials that are used as transparent electrodes are way more expensive than the copper nanowires and these copper nanowires are a much better option.

These nanowires are less expensive than its other counterparts. Copper is known to be a very good conductor of electricity. And using copper nanowires for the conduction of electricity is an idea that is to be truly applauded. It can save up to 20 times more money than the regular electrical wiring. This copper Nano wiring will show good electrical as well as optical properties that will truly be a benefit for the humanity.

This nanotechnology can also be used for film making and very good for display applications. This copper Nano wiring is very much transparent and this will lead to a very low resistibility. It can stand up to high temperatures and pressures as nanotechnology is very strong and is known for extreme durability. These wiring is also known to cause less scattering of light and so it to be used that uses display like mobile phones, computers etc.

Also, the electrical and optical properties of the copper nanowires are just out of this world. Various optical accessories can be made from these copper nanowires. Due to the strength and resistibility of copper nanowires, these optical accessories cannot break easily. And the properties of low scattering of light will make the users able to focus on the things the users of the copper nanowire optical accessories wants to and therefore is in good demand.

Copper Nano wiring promises a promising futures

This is truly amazing and this technology will prove to be a very good thing for science and technology. Nanotechnology can be taken and converted into various things like silver nanowires, nanotubes and also as mono dispersive nanoparticles. This various convertibility, durability and strength is what makes it a great and could be called the technological innovation of the year. This miraculous innovation will lead to the betterment of the nation and the society.