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Party Wear Designer Sarees
Party Wear Designer Sarees

Be The Style Diva By Wearing Party Wear Designer Sarees

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Sarees are the most elegant traditional dress for Indian women, which are gaining popularity among the women of other countries too. But the stylish ladies of today love to wear beautiful party wear designer sarees, mainly on any special occasion or in an informal evening party. But they need to choose the ideal designer sarees for them, based on a few important factors.

Ideal fabrics used in creating party wear designer sarees

Previously, chiffon was considered as the best fabric for making fashionable designer sarees. But now, different varieties of georgette, crepe, south silk, brasso, jute silk and net are now widely used in making attractive party wear designer sarees that can be used in every special function; because extensive designing of any kind is possible on these fabrics. Velvet and satin also make gorgeous designer sarees, due to the shining and glamorous looks of these fabrics.

Designs and colors applied for the creation of party wear sarees

Different types of elegant designs are used to beautify the fashionable party wear sarees, which are adorned with embroidery stitches of bright colored silk threads or golden zardosi strings, added with multi- colored beads, sequins, stones or other embellishments. Generally, various geometrical or abstract patterns or floral designs or paisleys are drawn over the sarees, to be further decorated with embroideries or other kinds of art works.

Usually, bright fluorescent colors; like emerald green, peacock blue, strawberry red or sunflower yellow are mostly favored by the young party-loving women. Bur sometimes, the middle-aged ladies prefer more sober colors, like beige, peach or cream. Sometimes, block prints or rubber prints of attractive colors are lavishly used on sophisticated silk sarees.