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Sikh Wedding Cards
Sikh Wedding Cards

How To Make Your Sikh Wedding Cards More Memorable For Your Guests?


Sikh Wedding Cards

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The colorful aspects of wedding ceremonies in India are something that pulls people from different parts of the world. Be it the cuisines that are prepared during a wedding ceremony, or the glittering dresses worn by the bride, groom, and their families, everything about the Indian wedding is simply impressive.

Among the different sorts of weddings in India, Sikh weddings are perhaps the most colorful ones. Sikh or Punjabi people are known for their vibrant and cheerful nature. For this reason, it also reflects on their wedding event.

Even though more or less the same things happen in the Sikh wedding, but the scale at which entertain happens is absolutely exciting. Sikh weddings are very much energetic in nature; right from the music played to the foods offered.

Even the wedding cards preferred by the Punjabi people are quite bold and vibrant in nature. In the present market of Sikh Wedding Cards, there is wide range of options available. Right from the simple leaflet design to the scroll ones, there are lots of choices available.

Selection of Sikh wedding cards made easy

For those who do not know, Sikh wedding is traditionally known as Anand Karaj. Some people prefer to organize the wedding ceremony inside a Gurudwara, which is the holy place for Sikh people, while some people make it happen in their home only.

With the passage of time, less numbers of people are opting to organize the entire event inside the Gurudwara. Nowadays there are lavish banquet halls available that showcase all the modern facilities. Hence, they are turning out to be the most preferred location for weddings.

No matter if you are planning to organize your Sikh wedding in your house or in a banquet, it is always essential to include the details in the Sikh wedding cards. Apart from the details of the wedding venue, you should also include verses from the holy book – ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. Including the verses in the wedding card will add more traditional and positive elements to the same.

Designs available for Sikh invitation cards

The wedding card designs that are popular in India these days are also used for Sikh wedding. However, the mehendi design is lot more widely followed in the Sikh community. Even though the design looks simple from outside, but the inside part can be designed with glittering elements. For a more designer look, you can choose from the range of embroidered designs. No doubt, the designer form of Sikh wedding cards would cost more than the usual ones.

Apart from them, the scroll design can also be considered for your Sikh wedding ceremony. If you want to add a royal touch to your wedding event then the incorporation of scroll wedding card design can definitely fulfill this purpose of yours.

Apart from rendering a royal touch, the space consumed by the scroll wedding cards is also quite less when compared to the conventional designs. So, browse through the world of Sikh invitation cards and customize them as per your personal taste.